Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Do you drink coffee? If you say yes, that means you are more likely to go to Starbucks, which is one of the most important stores that serve coffee in the United State. Because many people in the United State like to drink coffee, our group Henry, Faisal, Ahmed, Juanita, and I decided to find out what most people think and feel about Starbucks and why they choose Starbucks. So we asked forty- two people and we found out that 83% like to drink coffee in the United States. 90% like to go to Starbucks. 47% say that Starbucks serves a good coffee’s quality. generally we found many people who like to drink coffee in Starbucks, and many people have a positive feeling about Starbucks.

Before I did my survey I thought that I would find many people who do not like Starbucks, because of the high prices and other reasons like the environment, but I found that many people like it. Actually, I found one man who really hates Starbucks and when I asked him to do the survey he said I hate Starbucks and I could not get more information from him because he was really angry about Starbucks. In gournal I found many people who like Starbucks, and many people like the coffee’s quality.

By Abdulmajeed

Who cares for a green latte at Starbucks?

I read an article, which talks about starbucks. This article discusses the environmentalists’ opinions abut star bucks. It sows what the environmentalists think and feel about the star bucks work. It shows that many environmentalists’ agents their work. They think that star bucks do not tread its worker very well, so they usually have a very low salary. Also, they think sturbucks usually use un organic stuff on their work.

Starbucks are a very famous store in many different countries. Many people especially in United State like its coffee. Actually, I surprised when I read what the environmentalists said about starbuck. I extremely agree with their opinion. Starbucks should tread its worker very well. In addition, starbucks should use an organic stuff on their drinks. so, the environmentalists’ opinions are very important, and I hope starbucks fallow their opinion.

By Abdulmajeed

Monday, October 8, 2007


My classmates decided to make a survey. It had ten questions for students in SIU. When I asked some students they smiled and I asked them why? They said, “It is really a good topic to talk about, and we like to talk about this kind of business, because it is a successful business”. I met with someone who works in Starbucks and he was satisfied about service and salary. We found 83% of students drink coffee and 90% of students always go to Starbucks. Also, we got 60% of students who drink one cup a day, 29% of students who drink one to two cups a day, 7% of students who drink three to four cups a day, 2% of students drink who coffee five to six a day, and 2% of students drink more then six cups a day. The result told us many students like to drink coffee from Starbucks, and there are two reasons for that. First of all, it has high quality coffee. Second, it is popular.

In my opinion, Starbucks is a successful idea of business, and now everyone likes to drink coffee, but some of them do not have time to make coffee. Also, Starbucks encourages me and people to buy coffee, because it has a good quality and we can find the store anywhere. However, many people are not satisfied with its price, because I think it is expensive, especially for students. Finally, I made plan for my future to start a business like Starbucks, and I will provide good quality with low price.

By, Faisal

Sunday, October 7, 2007

StarBucks Survey Summary

We decided StatBucks as our research project, because we are interested in this subject. Why StarBucks can be so popular and successful. Faisal, Abdulmajeed, Ahmed, Juanita and I, we all interested in this subject. We make a survey for our project. Each one of our group member needs to get 8 people for this survey. We want to know how people think about StarBucks. When we finish our survey and count the result. I use the computer software to support me to create graph of our survey result. That can help us to know what happened. We found out people really like it. People think they provide coffee with good taste and quality. Over 90 percent of people have ever been to StarBucks. That means they really did a good job. They really caught their customer’s heart.

This is the first survey I have done in American college. Every Thursday I have a conversation table at Ambassador Hall. So I ask some of my American friends to help me to fill out this survey. I also went to StarBucks that locate at student center. I found couple people who sit in the StarBucks and study to help me fill out the survey. They are very friendly and very happy to help me. This is a really good experience. The result does not surprise me, because just as I think, most people think they provide good coffee and environment to let you relax. But one interesting thing is mort people are confused at the question which is the StarBucks and environment problem. It’s really hard to think coffee and environment. This is a really interesting survey and let me know more things about StarBucks. I am really enjoying it.

By Henry

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Starbucks survey summary

We decided, our group to make a survey about Starbucks because we want to know a lot of information about Starbucks. Our group was Henry, Faisal, Abdulmajeed, Juanita and me. We searched about Starbucks because we want to know how Starbucks became successful. Our group found a lot of results that assert Starbucks is good coffee in the world. We created a lot of questions to find a lot of information about Starbucks. First, we were surprised that most people drink coffee from Starbucks and also most people tried more than two cups of coffee from Starbucks. Second, most people said that Starbucks has high quality of coffee and it motivates us to drink coffee. Third, people do not know that Starbucks supports the environment. Also, we asked people if they had ever eaten any dessert in Starbucks. The answer surprised us that more people tried dessert. Moreover, most people like latte coffee, and Starbucks has good service for customers.

In my experience, I felt that Starbucks is a good store for coffee because it can make good business. Starbucks can attract a lot of people to drink coffee and it has a lot of kinds of coffee. Moreover, I was surprised that about most people like Starbucks. There are a lot of opinions came from people who said Starbucks has high quality coffee. Also, we can find food inside it such as sandwiches and desserts. Furthermore, there is good service in Starbucks. Really I like Starbucks because I can find my favorite coffee inside it and I have a member card for Starbucks. Lastly, I want to say thinks to American people because they are very friendly when we did our survey.

Ahmed Alotaibi
Research paper

Monday, October 1, 2007

StarBucks Survey Results - Graph

StarBucks Survey Results
Samples : 42
by Henry, Faisal, Abdulmajeed, Ahmed, Juanita

Final collation & graph by Henry

Thursday, September 27, 2007


CESL Newstalk

Thank you for helping us by filling out this survey!

1. Do you drink coffee? ___ Yes ___ No

2. How many cups a day do you drink? ___ 0, <1 ___ 1-2
___ 3-4 ___ 5-6
___ >6

3. Do you ever go to Starbucks? ___ Yes ___ No

4. How would you rate the coffee quality at Starbucks?

___ Excellent
___ Good
___ Fair
___ Poor

5. Do you think Starbucks supports or cares about the environment?

___ Yes ___ No ___ Don’t know

6. Would you be willing to pay more to help the environment?

___ Yes ___ No

7. Do you think Starbucks treats its workers well?

___ Yes ___ No

8. Have you ever eaten any of their desserts? ___ Yes ___ No

9. What is your favorite coffee there? ___ regular coffee
___ café mocha
___ latte
___ ice coffee
___ cappuccino
___ frappucino
___ other (name)

10. Why do you think Starbucks became very popular?